Having A Strong Core Is Important

Why Having A Strong Core Is Important And Effects All Of Our Movements

Simply put, strong core muscles are needed for all the movement our body makes. Core exercises train the muscles that are in in your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to work together in harmony. This ultimately leads to better balance and stability, regardless of the activity at hand.

Having A Strong Core Is Important

  • Your core is your entire support system. From getting out of bed to bending over to grab your purse, your core muscles play an important role in your daily activities. They even help you to stand straight and walk down the street. Your core muscles provide the base for supporting your entire body. Your pelvis and spine are surrounded by your muscles. Your core muscles even help in connecting your lower body to your upper body and hence play an important role in transferring forces between them.
  • Core strength is crucial in every movement you do. When you start to move then having a stable base is very important. The core muscles play an important role in all planes of movement. Whether it is forward and backward, left and right or rotational; you can’t move without your core muscles. Core muscles might not seem important to you but they are activated first whenever you tend to initiate an activity. Our nervous system braces for support when it anticipates activity. If your core is not stable and is unable to support you then you won’t be able to effectively perform the task at hand.

Building core strength should be your priority.

You need to build your core strength before you build strength anywhere else. Core strength is for the most part what keeps you from being able to continue or complete an exercise. Even in moves where you are not working mainly on your abs. For instance, during push-ups are your hip sagging? In a deadlift, does your back hurt or are you forced to either hunch forward or extend (arch) your back? In an overhead press, do your lower back arch and ribs pop forward to get the weight up? It is likely you have weak abs in all of these cases.

That is why most exercise and fitness programs call for joint mobility and core stability work before introducing other exercises. Developing a proper base will not only help you in avoiding injury but will help you in performing better as well. A research study conducted on athletes for studying six weeks of core strength training revealed that their speed and stamina improved considerably. That is why you need to work on your core strength if you hope to improve your overall performance.

The Takeaway

The muscles that make up the core play a key role in everything you do. Each movement you make stems from your core because every muscle in your body is connected to the ones in the core. From everyday tasks like tying your shoes and cleaning to heavy lifting and athletic activities, you use the muscles in your core.

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